Exciting News!

Shipping Containers The shipping container arrived in Honduras on December 24th! The supplies will soon be distributed to the doctors and dentists who are waiting on their arrival in and around Gracias. Although this may seem like a small victory, the logistics of procuring and organizing the supplies, arranging for delivery to the shipment service, and ensuring their safe and secure arrival in Honduras required countless hours of hard work. We especially need to thank Esther, who tirelessly sought out donations and physically prepared the supplies for shipment. We would be lost without her.

We would also be lost without you, our supporters. You made this possible with your contributions. THANK YOU!

Yet, we still have one more goal to reach: getting the medications to bring with us to Gracias in March. (Right around the corner!) We have to bring these ourselves because they are so essential that we can't risk losing them in transport. Given the cost of the medications and baggage fees and strict luggage allowances, this can be a pricey endeavor. That means requesting donations from pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies, and airlines, as well as monetary contributions. Any contribution you can give to help us ensure we have everything we need to treat the children at our clinics would be a huge help. Donations can be made online. Simply select “other” when choosing where to direct your donation, and specify Honduras Medical and Dental Team, Account 70-410-01. Donations are tax-deductible, and you should receive a tax receipt from the London Health Sciences Foundation confirming your donation.

We should have an update on our fundraising efforts and details on a new blog name soon, so check back for more details.