Meet the Team

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Honduran Doctors and our team

Dr. Fabian Gorodzinsky – Fearless Leader/Founder/Superman/Pediatrician

Dr Fabian Gorodzinsky

Dr. Gorodzinsky was born in Mexico City and went to medical school at The National Autonomous University of Mexico. He graduated with honors and then went to do an internship in Israel. He then pursued a specialization in pediatrics through residency programs at western university, children hospital and the university of Toronto at the hospital for sick children. He is the founding member of the Honduras Medical and Dental mission, and started going to Honduras to provide medical care since 1998. He is loved by his patient both in Honduras and in London Ontario, where he has a community pediatric practice. His passion and excitement for making a change in the community has made him many friends in Honduras and around the world. It is easy to see the joy on his little patients’ face and the connection he makes with them after their visit.

Esther Kern – Nurse/Pharmacy Team Member/Expert Packer Extraordinaire

Esther Kern preparing medications for our little patients.

Esther is one of the founding members of the Honduras Dental and Medical Mission. This is Esther’s fifteenth year anniversary being married to the mission!! She has a beautiful way with children and is loved by all. Esther has been a nurse at London Health Sciences Science for 32 years. She has worked in Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma, Urology, General Surgery, Clinical Neurosciences and in Rehabilitation. Esther is the backbone to this mission she works the entire year to fill her huge “mission” cupboard with donated medical equipment and supplies for the mission. Esther also takes on the huge responsibility of intricately packing all of our cargo. Without Esther this mission would not happen each year!

Dr. Clive Friedman – Pediatric Dentist/Professor/ Culinary Expert

Dr. Clive Freidman

Dr. Friedman hails all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa and is a Pediatric Dentist. Dr. Friedman went to dental school at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and did his Pediatric specialization in New Orleans. Dr. Friedman has a passion for humanitarian work, which was ignited during dental school when he volunteered in the Transkei region providing free dental care in extremely poor conditions. Dr. Friedman is passionate about delivering sustainable care here in Honduras and focuses on teaching local dentists new procedures. Dr. Friedman works wonders with a toothbrush and can make any child smile (even after extracting their teeth) with his box of surprises! Dr. Friedman is a foodie and a culinary rockstar!

Maureen Prevette – Treatment Coordinator/ Trusty Sidekick/ Adventurist

Maureen with the "lone ranger"

Maureen is a born and bread Londoner and has been a part of the mission for the past five years. She is an essential member of the dental team! Maureen is Dr. Freidman’s dental assistant during the procedures and is also in charge of getting donations and dental supplies. Over the years, Maureen has developed an extensive understanding of Pediatric Dentistry and she goes beyond the call of duty to help poor children in need of dental care. When she’s not improving children’s smiles she’s looking for her next adventure!

Danielle “Muscles” Stampley – Translator/Lawyer/ Pharmacy Team Member

Danielle Stampley

All the way from St. Louis Missouri love brought Danielle to Canada and boy are we thankful it did! Danielle studied law at American University Washington College of Law and graduated top of her class. She is a securities lawyer and worked at one of the top firms in New York City. Danielle is completely fluent in Spanish and has been studying it since middle school. Danielle’s passion for the language is what motivated her to join our team last year. Danielle is crucial to the mission because she is able to explain how to use the medication to the children and their families. Danielle is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is the strongest member of our team by far (she is able to single handedly lift the 50 pound medication boxes with grace and style)!

Dr. Mallory Chavannes - Pediatric Resident/Fearless Food Connoisseur/Photographer/Donation Specialist

Dr. Mallory Chavannes

Dr. Chavannes is a pediatric resident at London Children’s Hospital at Western University. She went to medical school at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec where she grew up. Dr. Chavannes will be returning to Montreal this summer when she starts her fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology at Sainte-Justine Hospital. She is a natural pediatrician—passionate about healing tiny people and wins their hearts as soon as she meets them. Mallory began studying Spanish in elementary school and expertly make diagnoses in French, Spanish, and English. When she is not charming her little patients, she documents the Mission in beautiful photographs and seeks out the most adventurous local cuisine.

Dr. Alisha Gabriel - Pediatric Resident/Techie/Fundraiser Extraordinaire/ Bundle of Joy

Dr. Alisha Gabriel

Dr. Gabriel is the latest addition to our team. She has known from very early on that she wanted to be a pediatrician. She has lived all over the world, from being born in Toronto, then moving to Bermuda in her early childhood. Right after boarding school in Windsor, she left the comfort of Canada to study medicine in Ireland. Her love of infants has brought her to specialize in pediatrics at London Children's Hospital Western University. However, she currently resides in England where she is doing in Masters in Public Health at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Dr. Gabriel is definitely the heart of this mission, and has been moving mountains through fundraising to provide the people of Honduras with the equipment and medicine they needed. Not a day goes by where she does not put a smile on our faces, and this mission would not have been the same without her.