Day 5, La Union

image1-1  We had another successful day today, this time in the mountains at La Union! Today we encouraged patients to see the dental team first, so they could receive much needed dental care, including fluoride application, disinfection, sealants, and extractions for treatment of dental abscesses. All the children recieved toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as instructions on proper tooth brushing technique!


Here, Clive and Fabian are providing preclinic exams, directing the children to the areas for appropriate treatment.


This little guy required extensive treatment for multiple dental abscesses, but now is feeling much better!


Tinka and Maureen provide fluoride treatment and toothbrushing for these children. This treatment will help regulate their oral bacteria, protecting them from further tooth decay.

Today the medical team had the opportunity to counsel a family about their child who presented with global developmental delay at the age of nine; children with nightly bed wetting; as well as asthma prevention and care. We also treated the usual suspects, including respiratory infections, parasitic infections, rashes and skin conditions, and bacterial diarrheas.

It's hard to believe that our medical mission is almost at an end as we have our last clinic tomorrow. Tune in next time!