Day 2, San Sebastian

2015-03-17 16.28.50 Waking up at the crack of dawn, we split forces and the pediatrics tram left on our 3 hour journey to the town of San Sebastian, Municipalidad de Piraera, Lempira. Meanwhile the oral health team stayed in  Gracias with public health officials and local dentists to develop a risk management program for oral health (see blog post below!!).

2015-03-17 12.57.312015-03-17 12.57.57

On arrival in San Sebastian, we set up shop while the line of children to see grew. Over the course of a busy day, they were assessed and treated for a wide variety of ailments. Some of the interesting children we saw today included a child with acute appendicits who required ambulance to Gracias; an infant with an ear infection actively having a febrile seizure; a child with a loud heart murmur who had not had cardiac assessment before; and a child with previously undiagnosed cleft palate and a congnetial lower limb abnormality.

2015-03-17 11.31.27.  2015-03-17 11.31.14

One of the more striking observations we made today was that the vast majority of the children we saw were severely malnourished, and had significant dental decay.

In all,  131 children were seen by our team today. Off to a good start! Tomorrow we had out again for another full day of clinic.