Day 1, 2015 We have arrived! Today our team of 10 journeyed from Toronto to Honduras, landing first in La Ceiba, and then Gracias, which will be our home-base for the remainder of the week. While we waited to take our second flight, we were busy repacking boxes of supplies, generously donated by Health Partners International Canada.

IMG_0001 As an act of community service to their fellow citizens in the Gracias region, the Honduran military aided our mission tremendously today by providing a military transport between La Ceiba and Gracias for ourselves and our medical supplies. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity!

IMG_0013 copy

We also had the opportunity today to visit the hospital in Gracias, and meet the hospital director, Dr. Naftali Perez. He and his colleagues were excited to show us the autoclave that arrived from our container shipment this year! This piece of equipment will allow for sterilization of necessary surgical equipment. Until this autoclave arrived, they were forced to cancel surgeries.  Dr. Perez and his team gave us a tour of the hospital, emphasizing the difference that the supplies from the container had made for them.

This incubator for infant transport to hospital was donated; as you can see, it is a great improvement on the previous model and has been put to good use! (See picture below)

IMG_0056     IMG_0055

Dr. Gorodzinsky and Dr. Perez, excited about the donated supplies that are benefiting the hospital in Gracias.


After a long day of travel, we are all looking forward to starting clinics tomorrow! As always, we are very thankful to all of you who donated time, money and/or supplies for this mission. Thank you! More tomorrow!