The Container Has Arrived!!

Thank you so much to all those who donated towards helping us to send the container to Gracias. It has been a long long journey but it finally arrived! (see pictures below) We are extremely grateful for all of your support. The team in Honduras were thrilled to get all of the equipment, medication and the new sterilizer. Before the container arrived, all of the surgeries were cancelled because the only sterilizer they had broke down.

The transfer of the container from Puerto Cortez to Gracias was possible due to a very generous donation of Mr Harvey Katz. We were also able to procure many medications due to the generosity of Mr Paul Rutherford from Pharmasave Pharmacy in London, Ontario.

Thank you again so much for your donations, you have made a huge difference and we could not have done it without your generosity and support.

Stay tuned as we start this years mission on March 16th. We will keep you all up to date as to how the mission is going.

Thank you so much,

The 2015 Medical and Dental Team

The container in Gracias

Unloading a donated wheel chair

Unloading the brand new sterilizer

container 7

Unloading new equipment

container 6