Fall Fundraising

It seems like everyone is working on generating support for their cause right now, and we are no different. Many of you have probably received our fundraising letter updating you on our latest efforts. If not, then it's important to know that this year, we are going above and beyond our typical one-week mission (March 2015). Next month, we are sending a tractor-trailer-sized shipping container full of medical and dental supplies to Gracias for use in the local hospital and clinics. Of all of the equipment and supplies the team is sending, we are particularly thrilled to send a $30,000 surgical sterilizer donated to the team. For months, the hospital in Gracias has been cancelling and diverting surgical procedures to other, far-away, hospitals because its sterilizer is unreliable. As you can imagine, the new sterilizer is essential to this community, and you can help us get it there. Families waiting to see the doctors.

The cost of sending such a large shipment to Honduras is substantial—$12,000. We have raised $10,200 to fund the shipment, which leaves a deficit of $1,800 of the funds needed to send this vital equipment. And, because we are investing so much in sending the container, we want to make sure we send as much as possible. We have received many donations, but there are still many things the doctors in Gracias need. In particular, the doctors have requested the following items, which would cost about $1,835 in total.

  •        3 IV Stands: $255.00
  •        5 Sterile steel trash receptacles:  $350.00
  •        10 IUD insertion kits: $390.00
  •        1000 Glucose test strips: $340
  •        500 Pregnancy tests: $500.00

We may also need to purchase as much as $5,000 worth of medication and supplies to take with us in March. This makes the team’s current fundraising goal $8,635.

We donate a week of our time, will you donate the value of an hour of yours to help Honduras' children?

Your contribution can ensure that these communities get the supplies they need. Donations are tax deductible, and can be made online here: http://www.lhsf.ca/ways-to-give/donate-now/personal-donation. Simply select “other” when choosing where to direct your donation, and specify Honduras Medical and Dental Team, Account 70-410-01. You will later receive a tax receipt from the London Health Sciences Foundation confirming your donation.

Thanks in advance for your generous support! Look for an update on our fundraising and planning for next March's mission in the next few weeks.